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Node-Red Home Sprinkler System


This is a home sprinkler system using Node-Red hosted on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. I used the Node-Red-Dashboard Node to implement a GUI to control a four (4) area home sprinkler system. At the moment I just have LEDs attached to the Raspberry PI GPIO, but I plan to use a relay board to control the sprinkler valves.


I recently upgraded to a Raspberry Pi 3 and installed Jessie OS. Node-Red is pre-installed in the OS. I did need to install the node-red-dashboard for this project. Installing Nodes is very straight forward, and very well documented.

Node-Red Flow

This project includes two flows, and they are linked together through a menu.

Flow 1 : Provides a way trigger the sprinkler system to turn on for a configurable set of time.

Flow 2 : Provides a way to manually control the sprinkler system by using a standard ON/OFF switch.

Mobile App GUI




Webpage (PC) GUI


Raspberry PI LED (Soon to be replaced with Relay Board)