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FT232RQ Breakout Board with Variable LDO

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FTDI FT232RQ Breakout Board with Variable LDO for VIO

Board Features:

Layout Layout

Reflowing QFN-32 FTDI FT232RQ Chip:

First attempt to reflow a QFN-32 device to a board without purchasing expensive equipment. I used a hot air gun that I purchased on Amazon for $14 ( TruePower 01-0712 Mini Heat Gun, Blue). I also used solder paste that melts at 183C degrees.

Applied the solder paste:


Placed QFN-32 Device


Final Product being used to configure a CC430F5137 microcontroller



Parts List

Part Part Number Unit Price Notes Link
USB Mini Connector 151-1206-1-ND $6.55 10 Connectors
FTDI FT232RQ 768-1008-1-ND $4.50 1
LM317 768-1008-1-ND $0.77 In stock
0.1uF, 0402, Cap 490-6328-1-ND $0.55 100 capacitor
10uF, 0805, Cap 1276-6456-1-ND $0.78 10 capacitor
143 ohm, 0402 YAG2980CT-ND $0.48 100 resistors
240 ohm, 0402 311-240JRCT-ND $0.47 100 resistors
392 ohm, 0402 YAG3145CT-ND $0.48 100 resistors
1k ohm, 0402 311-1.0KJRCT-ND $0.47 100 resistors
Red LED SML-D12V1WT86CT-ND $1.71 10 LEDs
Yellow/Green LED SML-D12M1WT86CT-ND $1.71 10 LEDs
PCB Fab 2 layer prototype $5.00 3 copies

Additional Information: