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15 Port USB Power Supply

15 port USB bench top power supply using an ATX power supply

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Problem Statement

I’m continuously using all of my wall outlets to plug-in a USB wall wart power supply to use for all of my development boards (e.g. Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc). Over time I needed two 6 port power strips just to have enough outlets for the USB wall wart. To address this issue, I designed a very simple 15 Power USB power supply using an ATX Power Supply.


This design is a passive USB power supply, meaning this design directly connects the ATX Power Supply +5DCV directly to the +5DCV pin of a USB connector. I was considering adding a USB charging port controller and current limiting power switch such as the TSP2511. But I wanted to keep this design simple.

Parts List

Name Description Distrubutor Price URL
USB Connector 3 Stack USB Mouser $4.24 Link
Binding Post For the power supply Sparkfun $0.35 Link
Fuse Holder Fuse Clip 5mm Sparkfun $0.25 Link
PCB 15 Port USB DirtyPCBs $25 Link


PCB Layout Design


I had an old ATX Power Supply, so I just used this one. This ATX Power Supply cost around $15 on

 Step 1

This is the ATX Power Supply with the cover off. As you can see, there is room in this ATX Power Supply to fit the PCB.

 Step 2

This design doesn't use an ATX connect to save money on the BOM. So I trimmed the wires to the desired length.

 Step 3

Solder the ATX wires to the designated power rail of the PCB. The voltage is labeled on the silkscreen.

 Step 4

Modified the ATX Power Supply, so the PCB can be mounted

 Step 5

Fully assembled 15 Port USB Power Supply.

 Step 6